Peter Macfarlane's 2018 Solo East-West Through-Paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail
in a Cedar-Strip Canoe by Otter Creek Smallcraft

NFCT's Map of Overall Route Peter & Sylva completing the NFCT

Day 20

0.0 miles

Saturday 2nd June

Rest Day


The day started late, about 7:00 am, by which time I would usually have been under way for about an hour. I had been awake on and off, though, from first light. First on the menu was another of Tim's breakfasts at Grey Gables, which, with every justification, have become legendary in their own lifetime.

Viveka and I then left for Lancaster, NH, back in the Connecticut Valley, to play with Susie for the annual Scottish country dance. Our route took us past some places which had recently become familiar to me from a different perspective. The dance was the same one that I played for in the middle of my west-east through-paddle five years ago. This year there were fortuitously three weeks between this event and the previous one that I played just before starting out, rather than the usual two. It would not have been possible (or at least advisable) to try to get from Fort Kent to the vicinity of Lancaster in less than two weeks, so the stars aligned for me to make this trip and still to play for both dances.

I of course did the potluck supper proud, although this time I did not eat the obscene amounts of last time, having managed my feeding system much more successfully this year. We then retired to a friend's house for tunes, more food and a comfortable night. Interestingly, although my fingers had been seizing up overnight, once warmed up they proved to be well up to the task of playing the fiddle.

During all of this, my brain was certainly still out on the trail, although I seemed to be more present that last time, maybe because I was in better physical shape, or maybe just because it was no longer an entirely new experience to be on the trail for weeks at a time.

Fiddling formally
Photo: R&H Danforth

Fiddling informally
Photo: R&H Danforth


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