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Canoe models

Two designs of canoe are available: the Lutra and the Sylva. Each can be built in various lengths, and as either a tandem or a solo canoe. (See side note on solo canoes.) The Lutra is for general purpose paddling, a playful, manoeuvrable craft, yet with enough directional stability to make long distance paddling a joy, whereas the Sylva is a dedicated touring canoe, somewhat less manoeuvrable but with greater ease of tracking.

Both are built to be light. Part of this is due to a smaller width than many canoes have, meaning that they displace less water, so are easier to push through the water. Much of the low weight is due to the reduction of unnecessary materials and features, achieved without sacrificing strength. These canoes are built for use, and have proven themselves through some tough use. The lightness results in a canoe that is easy to accelerate, and easy to lift out of the water on to the car (or preferably the other way!)

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Solo canoes

Solo canoes are available in two designs: symmetrical and asymmetrical hull.

For those who prefer to sit or kneel in the centre of the canoe, a symmetrical hull is offered. The leading edge of the seat is amidships, placing the paddler's weight at the center of buoyancy. No center thwart for carrying can be fitted with this design.

For those who wish to tour with a single pack, an asymmetrical hull is offered with the widest point, hence centre of buoyancy, aft of centre. The seat is correspondingly fitted aft of centre, placing the paddler's weight near the centre of buoyancy. The position of the pack in the bow can be adjusted in order to trim the canoe. A centre thwart is fitted as a carrying yoke.

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