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~ elegant lightweight cedar strip canoes
hand-crafted to order in Vermont

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Introducing Otter Creek Smallcraft

Nestled in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, Otter Creek Smallcraft offers a line of gorgeous, hand-crafted, cedar-strip canoes, works of art that are intended for use, built for use, and proven to perform. Sole proprietor, Peter Macfarlane, long-time paddler, designer and builder of these canoes, lovingly fashions raw lumber into delicate curves that cleave water, working alone and focussed every step of the way until applying the last lick of varnish, ensuring that his vision is brought to life, that every boat meets his two chief criteria: handling excellence and visual elegance.

Every commission is fully discussed with the client, and the build is tailored to the client's requirements, ensuring that you have not only a unique craft but also, and more importantly, a craft that is a perfect match for you, not a compromise. To that end it is strongly recommended, if you can make it, to come for a test paddle in the small stock of canoes kept for personal use.

Learn more about the origins of Otter Creek smallcraft.

Why choose Otter Creek Smallcraft?

  • Otter Creek Smallcraft canoes are beautiful to handle, both on and off the water.
  • Of all the beautiful wooden canoes on the market, these designs are available exclusively from Otter Creek Smallcraft.
  • Costruction of an Otter Creek Smallcraft canoe is adjusted as necessary, ensuring the craft is tailored to your specifications
  • An Otter Creek Smallcraft canoe is built to withstand the rigours of use, not just as a showpiece.
  • You may never need or wish to buy another canoe. The scratches of everyday use can easily be removed with a re-finish, restoring the shine of a new canoe.
  • Buying an Otter Creek Smallcraft canoe is an expression of support for small businesses.
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