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The Lutra is intended as a general purpose canoe. The flat hull provides excellent inital stability and lively manoeuvring, yet it remains reasonably fast and directionally stable. Whether you wish to meander down a river, poke into inlets of a lake, or tackle some exposed lake crossings, this canoe will respond well.

The full buoyancy of the Lutra allows it to ride above waves on a windy lake and its initial stability allows activities such as fishing. Its stability, manoeuvrability and buoyancy can handle moderate rapids (the nimbleness being a bonus when it comes to avoiding rocks!)

The relatively narrow maximum beam of 32" (tandem) or 30" (solo) allows easy cruising without having to displace too much water. The tumblehome affords a comfortable paddle entry, reducing how much reach is required to achieve an efficient paddle angle. In wind, the reduced above-water profile helps to minimise the impact on steering and lateral drift. The light weight assists manoeuvring, allows effortless acceleration to cruising speed, makes portages a breeze, and of course makes lifting this canoe on to the car at the end of a trip almost a pleasure (the greater pleasure is from car to water!)

As part of its trials, I have toured in a 15' version of this canoe, the one shown in the pictures here, with two adults and a child (on a temporary 3rd seat) and full camping gear. Even a 30 mile day (due to a miscalculation!) was not too arduous, and the stability allowed us to have fun with a makeshift spinnaker to run downwind.

Lutra length can vary from 12' to 16' for solo and from 14' to 16' for tandem.

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