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Special orders

Your designs

Do you have a design that you wish to build, but lack the confidence or the skills or simply the work-space? I will be happy to look at your design, assess whether I feel it can be made using cedar-strip construction, and build it for you if I think it will work. You will be involved in decision-making along the way, such that the finished product fits your specifications as closely as possible. Any changes to the plans that I deem necessary will be discussed fully with you.

One example of such a collaboration was a down-river racing canoe, designed by a former national champion. See a photo here.

Repairs and re-builds

Too often wooden canoes are stored inadequately, or may have encountered one too many rocks. Too often they are in need of some tender loving care to bring them back to life, whether just cosmetic or severe structural work. If you have such a canoe, I am happy to take a no-obligation look at it to assess what work needs to be done to put it to rights, whether I am the right person to do this, and how much I think that it will cost, all before any commitment is made.

I took on someone's redwood stripper project from many years ago, which had been sadly neglected. It now has a new lease on life, being paddled by a happy couple. See before and after photos here.

“Thank-you so much for the “restored to life” TLC!”
(B.T-S. July 2016)

Gift ideas


Is someone in your life a serious canoeist? Are you stuck for the perfect gift for the next birthday? Do you know committed paddlers who are committing to each other in marriage?

Have you thought that a specially made canoe would make a wonderful gift? Maybe you can join with several other friends to share the cost of such a gift. I am happy to work with you to realise that special person's dreams.


If you can't stretch to a canoe, how about a personalised paddle, or two?


I also offer scale models based on my Lutra design. These are purely art-pieces, roughly 1:10 scale. See photos here.

Otter Creek Smallcraft Lutra

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