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Design Features

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Hulls are stripped with western red cedar. When ripping the strips, adjacent strips are kept as matched pairs to ensure as much symmetry as natural wood tones allow. The wooden hull is then sheathed, inside and out, with 4 oz.fibreglass cloth and clear epoxy, with extra reinforcement at the stems where rock strikes are more likely. All boats are finished with marine varnish to provide UV protection and to give the lustre that all wooden boats deserve


Gunwales, thwarts, seat frames and seat hangers are all made of native cherry. It has excellent strength and the color tones complement those of the cedar. Decks, which are primarily decorative, are of cedar strip construction.


Scuppered gunwales allow easy drainage of water from the canoe and provide a place to tie packs and other gear. They also help to reduce weight without any significant reduction in rigidity.


The accentuated recurve at bow and stern, giving a swept back profile, reduces the area that is presented to wind. As with probably all design features, this is a compromise: the reduced flare at the bow sheds waves less effectively than other shapes.

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