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Canoe Models

Two models of canoe are available: the Lutra and the Sylva.

Both the Lutra and the Sylva are built to be light.

This is achieved partly by having a smaller width than many canoes, which also makes them easier to push through the water. It is also achieved by the reduction of unnecessary materials and features, but without sacrificing strength. The result is a canoe that is easy to accelerate and to lift between car and water.

Both models are available as tandem or solo canoes.

Select a canoe model below to read more about its design features.


The Lutra is for general purpose paddling. A playful, manoeuvrable craft, yet with enough directional stability to make long distance paddling a joy.

diagram of lutra design


The Sylva is a dedicated touring canoe, somewhat less manoeuvrable, but with greater ease of tracking.

diagram of sylva design

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