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Canoe seats are offered with two different styles of furnishing:
cane or webbing.

Cane seats are hand-caned using 3mm polypropylene "cane".

Although this lacks some of the aesthetic appeal of natural cane, it is more resilient to UV light and to moisture, and so lasts longer before re-caning is required.

Webbing seats have cross-weave of 1" webbing.

This is more robust than plastic cane, and easier to replace if necessary, but lacks the traditional look.

Both types of furnishing mould themselves to the pelvic bones, reducing the incidence of pressure point pain, and also allow air circulation, reducing the sweatiness associated with solid seats.

Tilting Seats

Canoe seats are available with a tilt mechanism, allowing sitting when horizontal and kneeling when the front edge is tilted down.

The rear rail is hinged to allow this tilt. The front rail is held in place in its hangers by spring bolts. Because of the nature of the hardware, I recommend this option only for lighter paddlers, say 180lb (82kg) or less.

Sliding Bow Seat

An adjustable bow seat can be fitted. The seat sits on rails and can be clamped in various positions, giving about 1 foot of fore-aft adjustment.

This can make it easier to trim the canoe when paddlers of different weight take the bow.

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